Our flavors are fluids and do not contain juice concentrates. They usually are very concentrated.


Our flavors may contain ethyl alcohol, propylene glycol, triacetyl glycerine, triethyl citrate or caprylic/capric triglyceride, or a mixture of these, as solvents. The amount and composition is usually mentioned in the product data sheet.


Usually 5 - 20 grams of our most concentrated flavors are sufficient to flavor 100 kg of finished food or beverage.We can also supply other concentrations according to your needs.


We are ready to design your flavor in accordance with the legislation of your country and Kosher and Halal as well.

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Thank you for your interest in our products

We develop new flavors and fragrances each day and have interesting propositions for your projects. As we have more than ten thousand different flavors and fragrance oils we usually work on specific request or your detailed briefing. Please give us your detailed information, possibly a sample according to your ideas and we will promptly reply.

Brochures for Flavors:

EN: HTN Company Brochure for Flavor

CN: 食用香料