Our fragrance oils are usually concentrated and contain no or little solvents (usually dipropylene glycol). Therefore, we recommend the following dosages in finished products:

perfume 18-25%, eau de perfume 12 - 18%, eau de toilette 8-12%

bath products 0.5 - 5%, body wash 0.3 - 1%, shampoing 0.3 - 1%

creams 0.2 - 0.5%, emulsions 0.1 - 1%

detergents 0.1 - 1%, softeners 0.1 - 1%, soaps 0.5 - 3%

technical products varying in a wide range depending upon product type


We usually use dipropylene glycol as solvent, and, if necessary, BHT as antioxidant.

We usually use neither diethyl nor other phthalates as solvents since studies indicate their potential for estrogen like effects in the environment.


For our fragrance oils you will receive an IFRA Conformity Certificate showing the product classes proposed by IFRA.

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Thank you for your interest in our products

We develop new flavors and fragrances each day and have interesting propositions for your projects. As we have more than ten thousand different flavors and fragrance oils we usually work on specific request or your detailed briefing. Please give us your detailed information, possibly a sample according to your ideas and we will promptly reply.

Brochures for Fragrances:

EN: HTN Company Brochure for Fragrances

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