About us: Creation and Manufacturing of Flavours and Fragrances. 

Legal Structure:

Family-owned company, Dr. E. Huber & Co., founded by Dr. Ernst Huber


Business succession established as a shareholding company, Dr. W. Huber AG, with the registered trademark, ™


ISO 9001 Certification introduced throughout the entire company.

Business Activities:

We are active in the research and development, and the creation and manufacture of flavors and fragrances.

Our customers include companies in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, perfume, cosmetics, soap and detergent industries.

We also perform custom analyses of flavors and fragrances.

Women Flavor - Dr. W. Huber AG - Zumikon

Our Strength

Swiss Origin

All our products are of Swiss origin.

Creativity, Knowledge and Professional Competence

The experience we have gained in the last 50 years in the research and development of flavors and fragrance oils enables us to successfully support our clients in many of their problem areas.
Our perfumers and R&D chemists work with more than 2500 raw materials of natural and synthetic origin. Being at the forefront of market trends, they are well-informed about the creation and adjustment of new flavors and fragrances for many different applications. Their well-founded knowledge and years of experience in both conventional and modern raw materials are necessary prerequisites to satisfy our customers’ ever-changing requests. New interpretations of known and traditional themes and predicting the direction of future flavor and fragrance trends require knowledge, experience, talent and imagination. Only with these fundamentals can new products be launched successfully.

All our departments are whole-heartedly dedicated to fulfilling our clients’ requirements.

Personal Contact
We work with our customers in a very direct and personalized manner.

Custom-tailored Products
We create and manufacture high-quality flavors and fragrances at competitive prices.
We are committed to responding to your individual requests.
We solve problems in an efficient and professional manner.

Concentrated Products
Whenever possible, we deliver highly-concentrated products that simplify and facilitate processing as well as reduce transport and warehousing costs.

Your Specified Batch Size Quantity Orders
We can supply our clients with the exact amount of product needed for the planned manufacturing batch. No more excess quantities that have to be paid, managed, transfilled, stored, re-analyzed after prolonged storage and possibly even disposed.
Request an offer for your desired batch size quantity and avoid unnecessary logistical complications and wasting of valuable warehousing space.